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  • We are dealing with the following items in connection with Banknote Printing & protection of Bank Note from Counterfeiting.
  • a) Bank note paper
  • b) Bank note printing Ink
  • c) Water Mark
  • d) Security Thread
  • e) Micro Print
  • f) Micro Text
  • g) Micro Pattern
  • h) Latent Image
  • j) Shadow image
  • k) Foil Stripe
  • l) Foil Stamping
  • m) Hologram
  • n) Kenegram
  • o) OVD (optically variable device)
  • p) OVI (optically variable Ink)
  • q) Transparent Window
  • r) Blind embossing
  • s) Matelized Ink
  • t) Intaglio Ink
  • u) Micro perf
  • v) Iridescent stripe or band
  • w) Fluorescent Ink
  • x) UV Ink
  • y) Magnetic Ink
  • z) Metallic Ink
  • aa) Inferred and Graphic Design & many more technologies. Besides this, we can protect many more things from counterfeiting.
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