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Excellent Corporation is a leading well-established company in the field of Banknote Printing Technology, Cash Handling, Forged Document Identification, Authentication Technology and Counterfeiting Prevention for valuable documents like:
ID Card
Excise Stamp
Non Judicial Stamp Paper (NJSP)
Valuable Documents and many more
We also supply Money Handling Equipment. We have been closely working in this field since 1992 with world Renowned companies

We are enriched with ---

  • Highly professional and expert on Currency and Anti-Counterfeiting Technologists
  • Excellent Marketing Team
  • Superb Maintenance Force
  • Experts on creating and operating new market with total client satisfaction


Our Services

Excellent Corporation is a leading and well-experienced company in the following fields-
Banknote Printing Technology
Banknote Printing Plant on Turnkey basis
Banknote Printing Materials & Machinery
Forgery Prevention Technology for Banknote, Passport, ID, Driving license and others valuable documents
Banknote Handling Machineries & Equipment
Swift & Safe Currency Transaction Technology
Banknote Protection & Prevention Technology from Forgery & Counterfeiting
Fake Notes and Security Documents Forge Detection & Authentication Technology
Government Revenue Harvesting & Generating Technology
Biometric Solution
Documents & Persons Authentication
Border Control Technology
Brand Protection Technology
Banking Automation
Cash & Currency Automation
Imparting Training to the Bankers, Law Enforcement Agencies & Future
Bankers on Authentication & Prevention Technology for Currency, Passport, Visa, ID Card & Valuable Documents
Banknote Processing & Sorting
Safe and Secured Cash Circulation
ATM and CDM Operation & Administration
Cash Center Management
Clean note Affairs
Cash & Currency Automation
Vault Management & Administration

Why choose us ?

We have been working in this field for almost 30 years. We have highly professional currency technologists, counterfeiting protection technologists, efficient marketing and engineering forces. More than 200 people are working in our company. We have the knowhow to create the market and satisfy the customers.


Our Sister Concerns

International Institute of Currency Techonology(IICT)
Ma Amena City
Excellent Properties Corporation
Excellent Agro Food Corporation

Working Area

To Whom We Work With

Central Bank
Security Printing Plant
Banknote Printing Authority
Banknote Issuing Authority
Banknote Handlers
Passport & Visa Issuing Authority
Government Revenue Generation Authority
Border Control Agency
Driving Licensee
Educational Certificate, Birth Certificate and other Valuable documents Issuing Authority
Brand Products Manufacturer
Forensic Examiners and Many More